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Dangerous Ideas for an Impressionable Mind

Technology, hands down, has been the greatest source of democratization. I am no tech fanatic, I have an indifference curve. But just look at it. Catholicism's iron grip over Europe broke after the establishment of the Gutenberg press. Martin Luther ran with it. Wartime technology birthed civilian consumption goods - radio, television, automobiles, and aviation. It can be viewed as a democratization of mass communication, entertainment, and general information sharing. Digital media has been crazy in revolutionizing the way people live...and WORK.

The internet is just on another level. Popstars emerging from bedrooms and basements. Filmmaking, photography, writing, influencing, and so on. Is the digital content creation industry (be it writing or videos) still an emerging industry, a fully consolidated one, or still evolving?

Here's a snapshot of my neural circuitry being hijacked by digital demons.

But these are all YouTubers, why am I writing? IDK

Blogs and websites are cool, but YouTube for me became what television was for bored housewives and grandmas. We have creators all engaged in some type of social commentary, or historical/cultural story-telling. These people slowly poisoned my mind with thoughts of trying a self-assured digital enterprise of my own. And also, Michael Scot told us that "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". Sorry, Wayne Gretzky.

So, my impressionable mind decides to stake a claim in this not-so-new content creation thing (I already rejected what would have been a good stable job at some random geopolitical analysis firm). The subliminal sensation of instability and uncertainty vis-à-vis a profession feels nice and makes me feel alive...thus far. And yes, I know I'm trying the writing business.

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